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Help us bring free/low cost humanities programming to all Nebraskans.

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Your gift will have an impact that is too profound to be measured.

Jacob learned to look at global issues from all sides before forming his own opinion as a high school student participating in Capitol Forum on America's Future. He now has skills to be an informed voter throughout his lifetime.

Elizabeth discovered the joy of reading and the lessons within books when Prime Time Family Reading Time gave her and her family the opportunity to read together in English and Spanish.

Sharon, a U.S. military veteran, found the creative outlet she needed in Nebraska Warrior Writers and became a published author.

Sam and Ella turned their challenges and frustrations as Muslim immigrants into a Speakers Bureau presentation that promotes understanding and tolerance.

These are just four stories out of millions. For more than 40 years, Humanities Nebraska has inspired and enriched personal and public life by offering opportunities to thoughtfully engage with history and culture. Your gift will enable us to continue to reach out to people of all ages, all backgrounds, all perspectives, throughout the state.

As you consider your financial support of Humanities Nebraska and other nonprofits, we know that there is great interest in the federal tax reform that will take effect in 2018, and what impact the reduced tax incentive might have on charitable giving. At Humanities Nebraska, we are grateful that our donors are supporting us out of the belief in our mission and our work, and in the value of the humanities in the lives of all Nebraskans. Thank you for your support!

Please Consider a Recurring Gift

Small gifts each month make a big difference in our ability to open doors to the world of ideas. The benefits of recurring giving include no need to remember to renew your support, fewer solicitation letters, and a sense of satisfaction knowing that your steady support keeps our outreach strong and programs coming making monthly giving a true win-win!

For example:

$10 a month ($120/total for the year) brings a Speakers Bureau program on Nebraska history a 4th grade class.

$20 a month ($240/total) provides gift books for a six-week session of Prime Time Family Reading Time.

$50 a month ($600/total) covers the honorarium and travel expenses of a scholar to lead a community conversation for a Museum on Main Street exhibition.

$83 a month ($1,000/total) qualifies for the Patron's Circle, an annual recognition group providing support for HN's core programs.

$150 a month ($1,800/total) enables a high school social studies class to send a delegation of students and their teacher to Capitol Forum Day.

$500 a month ($6,000/total) underwrites the cost of the a week-long workshop for middle school kids during Chautauqua.

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